Herbster Evangelism
Psalm 85:6


 Dr. Tom Farrell, Evangelist

It is my privilege to recommend the ministry of the Herbster Evangelistic Team. Having watched these young men grow up and faithfully serve Jesus Christ, I have witnessed firsthand the quality of their character. Mark and Mike both preach with power and passion. The team is also able to provide beautiful Christ-honoring music for your church. Their lives communicate the love of Jesus Christ.

Mark and Mike believe in the importance of the local church and have a heart for both the sheep and the shepherd. Their scriptural messages will strengthen the saints and point sinners to the Savior. Your church will be helped by the fervent ministry of the Herbster Evangelistic Team.

Dr. Carl Herbster, Father & Pastor

What a joy it is for me to recommend my sons and daughters-in-law to your local church for evangelistic or revival meetings! Of course, as “Dad,” I am extremely pleased with the quality and convictions of my family and their ministry. However, I can also, as a pastor, assure you that this team will be a blessing to many local churches across America. They will not only emphasize the preaching of God’s Word, but will also present music that glorifies and exalts our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My sons and daughters-in-law have been a blessing to our church in Kansas City, and I am confident they will be a blessing to your church as well. I am thankful they want to serve the Lord with the gifts He has given them.

Dr. Ken Collier, The WILDS Christian Camp

In the Herbster Evangelistic Ministries, you have two young men, who have trained and focused all of their lives on being used by the Lord. The desire of these godly twins is especially directed towards evangelism. Watching them mature into useful servants of God has been a tremendous privilege! They have always had the desire to preach the Truth of God’s Word and glorify Him with heart-felt, conservative, stirring music!

Both Mark and Mike are proven servants, both married talented, godly wives named Amy, and both are willing to be used of the Lord to bring great blessing to people! Having been blessed to have them as staff members of THE WILDS ministries for the past many summers, I recommend them without reservation! This is not double-trouble, it’s double blessing!

Lloyd Donica, Pastor

Mark and Mike Herbster have ministered with us on two occasions and we look forward to their return.  Both of them have a genuine heart for God.  God has uniquely gifted them in the areas of preaching and music. They are true servants.  Also, their wives and children participated in the music ministry and were a great blessing to the families of our church.  I would highly recommend and encourage you to have them minister in your church, school, or camp ministry.  The Gospel will be clearly preached and the Lord magnified.  Their music is conservative Christian music that honors the Lord, presented with skill and excellence from hearts that have experienced the grace and love of our Savior.

Bethel Baptist Church of Hampton, VA

Scott Wendal, Pastor

It is a great joy for me to recommend to you Mark and Mike Herbster and their families of the Herbster Evangelistic Ministries. They have a very complimentary approach in their preaching and singing.  Their music is refreshing, the children’s program tremendous, and the preaching right on target.

Valley Forge Baptist Temple, Vally Forge, PA

David Whitcomb, Pastor

It is so encouraging to see how God is raising up a new generation of servants who continue the work of telling the Good News of salvation. Mark and Michael Herbster are sincere, energetic, gifted, and yet true to God’s Word. They minister with a fresh, God honoring package of music that reveals quality second to none. They preach God’s Word with power and conviction. They do not manipulate people but allow God to work through His Word. The Herbsters are a blessing and a great help to the local church.

Community Baptist Church, Greer, SC

Kevin Schmidt, Pastor

I recommend them! And no, they didn’t ask me to write this. After seeing their ministry in actions, sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit in a unique way and seeing my people respond with sincere confession of sin and renewed commitment to Christ, what else can I do?I plan to use them in the future at every possible opportunity and in every possible way for revivals, camps, special days, etc. Who knows, if you give them a try you might end up feeling the same way.

Grace Baptist Church, Sonora, CA